1973 Baldwin Syntha-Sound

Here is a vintage 1973 Baldwin Syntha-Sound analog synthesizer by Gretsch & Baldwin. This particular example, serial number 254, is in excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original leatherette cover! Not much has been documented about this very low production synth, other than the fact that it is exceedingly rare, and finding one in perfect working condition seems to be near impossible. Sold along side its more famous electric harpsichord counterpart, this would make an unbelievable accessory, and would perfectly complement it in every way. Fantastic for analog synth fanatics, and studios low on real estate but high on tone, this is a great piece for most anyone who enjoys interesting musical instruments and hard-to-find synths.

This walnut-encased monosynth features a built-in amplifier with speakers. Simple in design and particularly elementary in respect to its sound options, Baldwin felt that this synth somehow competed with Moog, as suggested by their sales pitch “move over Moog.” And while it certainly isn’t in the same category, as it is not quite a serious synth, it is what the synth doesn’t do that makes it charming and accessible. The simple sound palette is organic and usable, and perhaps more relevant today than it was at the time of its release. Think 8-bit, but better. This is definitely a fantastic choice for an introductory analog synth, or for those who prefer to literally plug-in-and-play. Several audio clips are available online.