1973 Ampeg SVT

Here is a vintage 1973 Ampeg SVT ‘Black Line’™ bass guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 32918, is in very excellent 100% all original condition. This incredibly iconic bass amp remains unparalleled by all other vintage high-power bass amps, has been reissued by Ampeg to the tune of $2,000.00 and has achieved ultimate acclaim for virtually all applications. In short, when it comes to bass amplification… this. is. it. This second generation SVT head, just post those with the ‘Blue Line’ front panel, happened to belong to the famous husband and wife recording duo, The Captain & Tennille, and remains in the identical internal shape as when they first purchased it new sometime in ’75, during the absolute pinnacle of their fantastic career. Both an amazing sounding example, and an amp with fantastic provenance, this conversation piece is not just a cool rock relic, but is also accurately represents the archetype of great bass tone. Vintage SVTs in nice all original condition are becoming scarce and difficult to purchase, so take advantage of this reasonable Offer, and become the proud new owner of an SVT owned by Toni Tennille and Darryl Dragon, otherwise known as The Captain and Tennille.

Serial Number: 32918
Transformer Codes: 682327, 682326

The Ampeg SVT utilizes; (6) matching 6550 Tung-Sol power tubes (all dated early ’75), (4) 12WD7, (2) 12BH7, (1) 12AX7, and (1) 6C4 tubes original tubes.

In 1969, Ampeg’s Chief Engineer Bill Hughes designed the Super Valve Technology circuitry for the amplifier of the same name. At 85 lb (39 kg), the Ampeg SVT provided 300 watts of RMS power, considerably more than most other bass amplifiers of the era. The high power rating made the SVT a candidate for use in larger venues. The SVT saw widespread use by rock acts in the 1970s, yet has since to wane in popularity.

The amp is in very nice all original condition, and presents quite nicely considering it has toured the globe with The Captain & Tennille. The well preserved condition is mostly due to the original flight case marked “Captain & Tennille, M4B” which has excellently protected the amp since new. It will be shipped in the flight case, and boxed within cardboard to keep the exterior of the case from being damaged.

The vinyl exterior is nice with some superficial scrapes, none of which reveal peeling through the vinyl. The original blue and silver grill cloth is in excellent structural shape, and aside from “The Captain & Tennille” business card placed upon the front panel, the BlackLine face plate is also in excellent condition.

The amp sounds incredible and it works perfectly. If you’re looking for the SVT of your dreams, after plugging in and playing this one you’ll be saying “Do That To Me One More Time!”