1972 Wurlitzer 200

This is a vintage 1972 Wurlitzer 200 electronic piano. With a signature sound all their own, Wurlys have been featured on some of the most successful pop recordings in recent history, including: “These Eyes” by the Guess Who, “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones and Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend”. This particular example, serial number 68845, is in impeccably pristine 100% all original condition and even includes the original chrome legs, sustain pedal, and matching vinyl covers! Those who favor well-preserved pieces will absolutely adore this stunning specimen. A must have instrument for any serious studio, this Wurlitzer 200 will become common place on your recordings, or for those enthusiasts who purely enjoy creating and playing music, you will not find a more enjoyable, more inspirational, musical instrument. We have owned and sold many Wurlitzer keyboards, including the following models: 140B, 200, 200A, 210, etc., and we have never seen an example this fine. This is a rare opportunity to purchase, own, and use the cleanest, most handsome, example of a Wurlitzer 200/200A ever offered aside from one that would best be described as New Old Stock, so act fast before the chance is lost! Oh, and don’t forget that we proudly offer Worldwide shipping for this over-sized item, which gives all of our International customers a chance to own one as well!

As mentioned, this studio-ready example works perfectly, and remains in factory flawless pitch with amazingly level action. The speakers are in like new functional shape, and it is in mechanically glorious condition. As can be seen in the series of very high resolution photos to the right of this text column, the cosmetic condition is extremely impressive, the chrome legs exhibit zero oxidation, and even the sensitive rubber padding on the base of the sustain pedal looks fresh. The original vinyl carrying bags are a very rare accessory, and have clearly contributed the the immaculate preservation of the keyboard and its pieces.