1972 Maestro Ring Modulator RM-1A

Here is a vintage 1972 Maestro Ring Modulator RM-1A guitar effects pedal. Considered by most effects pedal connoisseurs to be the best and most important ring mod ever made, it was perhaps the collaboration between Maestro, Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim and ARP that resulted in this incredible synth module-like guitar effect, which produces sounds unparalleled by any pedal made since. For those who searched for this specific ring mod and came upon this one, you are probably familiar with sounds this unit makes. For those who accidentally stumbled across this page, this ring mod sounds like musically oscillating metallic frequencies reminiscent of sci-fi score from the ’60s. It tracks almost perfectly and is extremely versatile. The pedal works perfectly: all sliders are smooth and functional and the slider caps are original. This pedal is perfect for the collector, but this is certainly a unique piece that should be enjoyed, as its incomparable sound has yet to be recreated by copies and replicas.