1972 Maestro Bass Brassmaster

Here’s a vintage 1972 Maestro Bass Brassmaster model “BB-1” electric bass guitar fuzz pedal. This particular example, serial number 3412, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, and is in perfect working order. The Maestro Bass Brassmaster does not just feature a completely unique circuit which became the foundation for many modern clones, but it happens to produce one of the all-time best fuzz sounds of any pedal. The innovative design by which the circuit designates output controls for both the wet and dry, or the fuzz and direct, signals enhances any instrument by retaining the natural bass, instead of having it compressed to a degree where the signal bandwidth is resultantly diminished. This effectively produces one of the biggest, fullest, and thickest fuzz sounds possible, which is why bass players have long gravitated toward this particular unit. But since a lack of bass response has always been an issue with all fuzz style effects, the BB-1 has also become quite popular with guitarists, synth users, or other instruments whereby the original organic signal is desired as well. This unit is in excellent original shape, and though there are many supercficial surface dots, the (2) original rubber feet are in perfect shape, the hardware is in excellent condition, and all internal components are original and nicely preserved.