1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom LE

This is a vintage 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Limited Edition (LE) electric guitar. This particular example, serial number LE779453, is a very accurate first variety ’54 LP Custom Black Beauty reissue in extremely excellent all original condition with the correspondingly fine condition original hard case. While urban legend has long purported that these early reissue Les Pauls were made from leftover ’50s bodies, what is for certain is that very few ’72 LE Les Paul Customs were produced, with most estimates totaling around 60.

Serial Number: LE779453
Potentiometer Codes: 137 7252
Pickup Resistances: 8.07Ω, 6.64Ω
Weight: 9 lbs. 13 oz.

This 100% all original ’72 Gibson Les Paul Custom LE ’54 reissue features: a traditional 1 11/16″” nut width, a one-piece mahogany non-volute vintage spec neck, vintage spec AlNiCo pickup and P-90, a non-sandwiched solid mahogany body with mahogany top, gold hardware, and original purple interior hard case.

The very authentic reissue is every bit amazing as the original. The neck profile is extremely comfortable, and highly reminiscent of a mid-50’s Gibson shape with a bold and prodigious neck heel. The overall condition of this example is extremely fine, with lustrous and well-preserved gold hardware, and a near immaculate Ebony finish with no visible wear. The original fretless wonder neck of course sports very refined factory frets, however, since there is no visible fret wear, the playability is still quite fantastic.

The original case is every bit as clean as the guitar, and the overall package is one of the best to be made available in recent years. With ’50s P-90 Customs fetching as much as $50,000 in recent years, this next generation Limited Edition example will, without a doubt, increase in value and prove to be a fantastic investment.