1972 General Electric SC 7300A

Here is a vintage 1972 General Electric model “SC 7300A” Stereo Music System Record/8 Track player. This particular example, serial number 32 37D, is in very excellent all original condition and includes an original packet with both original ephemera and other accessories. With a quintessential Space Age aesthetic, this GE SC7300A has been featured in magazine articles, serious publications, and museums, representing the epitome of modern design. It is also credited for being the the first record player console to feature a built-in 8-track component. While it appears to be in very excellent all original shape, there is a slight issue with the string (yes, string) inside that controls the radio tuner. The record player works, as does the radio, however, the station can not be changed. There is also some related issue with switching between the 8-track and record player. So, this unit will need to be professionally serviced in that respect, but otherwise, the amp, speakers, record player, and buttons all work perfectly.