1972 Fender Telecaster

This is a vintage 1972 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular Black (custom color) example, serial number 348131, is in near mint 100% all original condition, and comes with every single piece of case candy, including; the original hang tag/manual, the original ash tray bridge cover, the original Fender leather strap, the original instrument cable, the original polish cloth, an original pack of strings, the original Fender hard shell case, and the original case keys still in the bag! This breathtakingly beautiful example was recently purchased through a broker from the original owner’s wife, so take advantage of this offer and become the second owner of this uncirculated Tele.

Serial Number: 348131 (F plate)
Neck Stamp: 3 SEP 72 B
Pot Date Codes: 137 6636 (CTS, ’66)
Pickup Resistance: 6.02Ω (bridge) 8.85Ω (neck)
Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.

This beautiful custom colored ’72 Tele features: the original custom black finish on an Alder body, a one-piece maple neck, “F” style tuning machines, (2) single coil pickups, a 4-bolt neck construction, and the original case with accessories.

Clearly, this is a special specimen. Its unbelievably well-preserved condition is astonishing. Even the case accoutrements are crisp and unused. But beyond the impressive appearance, there is a fantastically functional guitar. It is very light-weight, just over 7 pounds, has an atypically comfortable and large neck profile, and most importantly, has a musical bridge pickup that is absolutely magical. It is very resonant, and all of the aforementioned attributes, make it more like a mid-60’s Tele, and less like those made in the mid-70’s. (Both Tele nuts and Fender fanatics will understand the above reference.)

As is the story with most guitars that were never played and remained in their respective cases for decades, the only condition defects are those considered “case wear.” While the maple neck is pristine and unfaded, and the original frets are perfectly intact, there are a couple indentations caused by the guitar laying on the original instrument cable while stored within the case. These do not penetrate the original black finish, and are difficult to see even in person, however, they are pictured within the many very high-resolution photos. Otherwise, there is one ding that reveals the undercoat, and a couple of inconsequential surface scratches. That is about it. The top of the Volume control knob has oxidized slightly, as it was the only knob probably ever touched before we tested it, and the pickguard has naturally aged to a very attractive earth-toned rich cream color.

The neck is perfectly straight, and the factory action is fantastic. The truss rod works fine, and the adjustment end is super crisp. All of the electronics work well, without problems or noise, and all of the hardware is as equally impressive.

Even for those of us who are constantly scouring for the next cool find can appreciate the scarcity of a piece like this. It certainly isn’t everyday that such a fine example become available for sale.