1972 Carlsbro Fuzz

This is a vintage 1972 Carlsbro Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal. Nearly identical to the concurrently manufactured Sola Sound/ Colorsound MK IV Tone Bender, this particular variant was finished in blue, rather than silver, and branded “Carlsbro,” for distribution but the UK amp company of the same name. Made in London England, Colorsound/Sola Sound pedals are famous for producing a colorful array of harmonically rich and luscious tones. Perhaps the most common of the Sola Sound Tone Bender variety, the MK IV, was produced for approximately 7 years with the slim box construction, and came with an assortment of different components. This example, which lacks a date stamp, is in excellent all original condition.

While the Tone Bender is not necessarily considered to be a jack of all trades, and is not known for versatility, the singular function is virtually unparalleled by all other fuzz units, which has not been duplicated since. This version Carlsbro Fuzz features a trio of healthy germanium transistors, which endow this unit with a more raw and gritty overdrive.

According to some, the MK IV Tone Bender is the hands down absolute best fuzz pedal of all time, while others consider amongst the best. Featuring singing sustain with beautiful musical qualities, the Tone Bender inspires endless playing. The foundation of the Tone Bender fuzz sound, is a smooth well-structured EQ, consisting of rich and tight bass with even mid-harmonics. While not as grainy or splattery as it’€™s MKII Tone Bender predecessor, this version is smoother and more full-range. The two nicely complement each other, and are quite different. Additionally, this era Colorsound pedals are famous or being very high output and significantly louder than comparable pedals.

The cosmetic condition of this rare pedal is very nice. The graphic is nearly perfectly intact. All of the knobs are present and not stripped. This version sports the earlier bottom plate with the (4) oversized rubber feet. Most from this era are missing most of these unique glides, so it is quite rare to find one completely intact.

For those searching for a unique and interesting pedal, or something slightly more special than your average ’70s Tone Bender, look no further: this esoteric example looks amazing, sounds fantastic, and will match your Carlsbro amp head!