1972 Ampeg B-25B

This is a vintage 1972 Ampeg B-25B ‘Blue Line’ bass guitar amplifier head. This particular example is in very good original condition and features the early variety blue graphic on the control panel. This amp was recently serviced, and it currently works perfectly and sounds great. This highly under-rated Ampeg bass amp features tonality that sits comfortably between those of a B-15 and an SVT. Perfect for the studio and nearly all performance applications, this is an all-around fantastic bass amp.

Transformer Codes: 682209, 682215

The Ampeg B-25B utilizes; (2) 7027, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 12DW7 (1) 5AR4 tubes, and generates an efficient 50 watts RMS.

When recently serviced, the electrolytic capacitors were replaced, several tubes were updated with ARS branded NOS tubes, the switches and pots were cleaned with contact cleaner and the power cable was upgraded with a 3-prong power cable.

This is a great sounding amp in great condition and would be appropriate for the professional live bass player, the nicest of studios or the bedroom enthusiast.