1971 Martin D-28

Here is a vintage 1971 Martin D-28 flat-top acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 285581, includes the original blue Martin “Steal Me” case and is in average original condition with a small assortment of originality and structural issues, which makes it perfect for a player, or a great opportunity for someone with the time and energy to take it on as a profitable project.

This ’71 Martin D-28 features: a spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, 5-ply bound top, triple bound back, a 1-piece mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, a rosewood bridge, a rosewood headstock veneer, Grover rotomatic tuners, and the original Blue plastic hard shell case.

The back and sides are in excellent intact condition, and the neck is in great cosmetic shape. The fingerboard is nice, and the original frets display very modest wear. The guitar sounds good, and does not exhibit abusive playing wear.

While it is sometimes good that a guitar was stored in a dry environment with low humidity, as it can really open up guitar as far as tone is concerned, this D-28 perhaps got a little to dry. It resulted in the binding separating due to the dry, no longer adhesive glue. The pieces that fell off are not included. Additionally, it created natural grain separation along the center seam of the top in 3 different places stemming from the bridge. Also, which is actually quite common, the pickguard curled up completely, and was replaced by a new pickguard. Aside from the replacement pickguard, this guitar has never been repaired. The top cracks have not been addressed, and no attempt was made to reattach the missing binding. There is a small pickguard crack, as well as, several small stress cracks near the base of the fingerboard.

The guitar sounds good, and you can inherently determine that it will be a great player’s piece, however, it needs a neck reset, and would be difficult to use without performing one. It seems that the bridge was sanded to circumvent the neck reset, but it didn’t compensate enough for the poor neck angle.