1971 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (’54 RI)

This is a vintage 1971 Gibson Les Paul ’54 Goldtop Reissue electric guitar. This original example, serial number 683925, is in very nice condition and features; a highly attractive gold finish, a 1-piece mahogany neck, Gibson embossed P-90 soap bar pickups with thin plastic rings, a wrap-around stop tailpiece, trapezoid Mother of Pearl inlays, non-original Gibson-branded Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, and a late ’70s non-original Protector case.

Serial Number: 683925
Pot Codes: 137 7142

In 1971 Gibson decided to reissue both a Goltop and a Black Beauty, both of which featured P-90 pickups. While Gibson claimed the Goldtop was a ’58 reissue, it has since been more accurately re-assigned a ’54 Goldtop designation. Some of the accurate features include; a single piece neck (as opposed to the standard 3-piece construction), a single piece body (non-sandwich), a smaller headstock profile, thinner binding and a more appropriate neck tenon. Similar to the folklore surrounding the ’68 Les Pauls, some have claimed that these reissues were result of extra 1950s Les Paul bodies and necks being put to use. While this contention is unfounded and unlikely, the ’71/’54 Reissue is an absolutely fantastic and important instrument.

The original finish looks exceptionally nice and crisp. It does not display any fading or weather checking, and only exhibits some usual belt buckle wear on the back. The original frets are very nice and only show minimal fret wear on the first few frets. The 1-piece mahogany neck is straight and does not feature a volute, where all other Gibson models of this era do. At some point the original tuning machines were replaced with Schaller-style tuners, but it has since been outfitted with original style Kluson Deluxe tuners. The guitar is missing the pickguard, but any cream Les Paul Deluxe guard would be appropriate.

This guitar has no cracks, no breaks and no repairs. I would suggest have a competent luthier clean up the poor filling job on the aftermarket tuner holes on the back of the headstock, because otherwise this guitar is amazing.

All of the hardware is in very nice condition and does not exhibit any oxidation. With regard to function, this Les Paul is unreal. The neck feels amazing. Both pickups work perfectly, all pots operate smoothly and all corresponding hardware is in near perfect condition. The guitar is an average 10 lbs 1 oz. The case is also in very nice condition. All latches work perfectly and the case does not exhibit any odors.