1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

This is a vintage 100% Original, MINT condition, 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. This particular example, serial number 618204, is in perfect cosmetic condition and includes the original Gibson (square) hard shell case, the original Gibson guitar polish, and the original Gibson shipping box! This guitar is special for several reasons: 1) It is in the aforementioned N.O.S. condition with the original shipping box, 2) It features a cherry red finish on the back, sides and neck, and 3) It does NOT feature an extra ring around the mini-humbuckers, NOR does it feature the ’71 Gibson embossed pickup covers.

This 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe features; a 3-piece maple top, a 3-piece mahogany neck, a sandwich body construction, a vibrant cherry sunburst finish, cherry back and sides, (2) Pat. No. mini-humbuckers, the Gibson pantograph headstock logo (’69-’84), trapezoid Mother of Pearl inlays, Gibson stamped Kluson Deluxe tuners chrome hardware, a rectangular Gibson hard case, original guitar polish and the original Gibson shipping box!

While I’d like to be able to craft a description detailing the immaculate condition of this Les Paul, I feel that the 100+ high quality photos will do a much better job. So please allow all photos to load successfully, and enjoy!

As mentioned, this Les Paul Deluxe is 100% ALL ORIGINAL and in MINT condition. There are no modifications, no cracks, no breaks, no repairs, no replaced parts, no nothing.

Serial Number: 618204
Pot Codes: 13771X
PU Patent Number: 2,737,842

The original finish looks disturbingly new, crisp, clean glossy, beautiful and basically perfect. It does not display any fading, weather checking, and only exhibits three very minor dings which are so insignificant, they are almost impossible to photograph. There is very light, superficial pick wear on the pickguard, but again, is almost impossible to see unless it is held at the correct angle under a bright light.

The only fret wear visible is on the first three frets. When taking this guitar apart for photos, I realized I was the first to ever even turn a screw. The control cavity plates were slightly stuck from never being removed for the past 40 years. Every screw is intact and crisp and displays no signs of oxidation. Every single screw was returned to the exact hole from which it was removed.

With regard to function, this Les Paul is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The neck is perfectly straight. Both pickups work flawlessly, all pots work great, and all corresponding hardware is in near perfect condition. The guitar is an average and even 9 lbs 0 oz. The case is in near mint condition and shows it’s been holding this guitar inside for many years. All latches work perfectly and the case does not exhibit any odors.

According to the previous owner, this immaculate example was purchased as a N.O.S. special order from the Chicago Music Store of Tucson, Arizona. The Chicago Music Store has long been an endless source for unsold vintage equipment in mythical proportions. To this day you can still buy N.O.S. VOX extension cabinets with tags still affixed. It is unbelievable, yet not surprising that this guitar was purchased from that store approximately 10 years ago.