1971 Ampeg B-15 S

Here is a vintage 1971 Ampeg B-15 S (B15) Portaflex fliptop electric bass guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 104086, is in very nice condition, has been recently professionally serviced, and is completely studio ready! The Ampeg B-15 is considered the ultimate in bass amplification, especially when it comes to studio applications and contained gigs.–more–>

Serial Number: 104086
Speaker Date Code: 4327145 (Long Engineering)

The black tolex exterior is in excellent condition with only a few minor scuffs and snags. The silver/black grill cloth is in overall nice shape only exhibiting 2 small holes. The original control panel, with the angular black-line graphic, is in very excellent shape with almost zero wear.

The amp includes the original matching dolly, which is in correspondingly nice cosmetic condition. The original 1 x 15″ speaker has been re-coned, and sounds amazing.

Ampeg B-15S amps are special because they are more powerful than their B-15N predecessors, producing more headroom, and allowing for a generally more robust output. With the B-15S, you get the inspiration and approach of the blue-checkered B-15Ns, with the rugged engineering and practicality of the concurrently produced SVT amplifiers. This particular one has been meticulously serviced, to be the most efficient amp possible. In addition to a new set of power tubes, a speaker recone, and the replacement of several inevitably fatigued preamp tubes, the maintenance also included an upgraded speaker input jack, as well as, the standard 3-prong cable enhancement.