1970s Sho-Bud Maverick 6152

This is a vintage mid-1970s Sho-Bud Maverick model 6152 10-string pedal steel electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 8934, is in very excellent 100% all original condition and includes; the original legs, the original pedals, and the original hard shell case. With its 3-pedal/1-knee lever configuration, the introductory-level Sho-Bud Maverick has long been the accessible pedal steel for the serious musician.

This vintage Sho-Bud Maverick features: a solid maple body with vinyl covering, permanent tuning mechanism, 10-strings with full E9 chromatic tuning, (1) single coil pickup, (3) floor pedals, (1) knee lever, roller nut assembly for longer string life, ash tray style keyhead, and the original hard shell case.

Often practical for seasoned musicians looking to learn pedal steel basics, or the pedal steel pros looking for a simple steel to tote around, this is a great option.