1977 Roland RE-201 Space Echo

This is a vintage 1977 Roland RE-201 Space Echo electric instrument effects unit. This particular example, serial number 598478, is in very good original condition. From a fantastic subtle guitar effect to a texture applied to an entire mix, the original analog Space Echo has evolved into more than just a tape delay. It has been re-appropriated into one of the most basic studio staples, and is a must have unit for most musicians. This particular example includes the original footswitch, and is in excellent working condition.

Thanks to it’s incredible range of effects, customizable options, serviceability, and reliability, the RE-201 has become a legendary unit, having seen use by such names as: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Portishead to name a few.

Features of this Space Echo include: (3) 1/4″ inputs (Mic/Mic/Instrument) all with individual Volume controls, 12 ‘Repeat/Reverb Echo’ modes as well as ‘Reverb Only’, controls for Bass, Treble and Reverb Volume as well as, Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo Volume.

The faceplate and tolex are in excellent condition, exhibiting only light signs of wear almost completely limited to light dust from storage. This particular example also still retains the original instruction sheet stapled to the lid, which is rare as these often fall off and are lost. There is a round burn mark on the top of the lid, most likely from a candle, that is highly visible, otherwise it is in excellent cosmetic condition.