1970s North 5-Piece Drum Set

This is a vintage early-1970s North 5-piece drum set by Roger North. This particular set is pre-MTI, was built by Roger North himself, and features a fiberglass construction with the original white finish. Quite possibly the most interesting line of drums ever manufactured, North drums are horn shaped, designed to project their sound outward, so the audience can hear the most direct qualities of the drum.

As can be seen in the photos, the construction is extremely crude, leading us to believe that these are NOT injection molded, as the rims are never the same width, have several layers, and exhibit tooling and sanding marks typical of early North drums.

(1) 22″ Kick Drum (Serial # 4463)
(1) 14″ Floor Tom (Serial # 4451)
(1) 12″ Rack Tom (Serial # 4450)
(1) 10″ Rack Tom (Serial # 4449)
(1) 8″ Rack Tom
(1) Stand
(2) Rack Mounts

The Kick drum is missing 2 screws and 1 lug. The 12″ tom is missing 1 screw. The 8″ tom is missing 3 screws and 1 lug.