1970s Hofner Thinline

This is a vintage 1970s Hofner hollowbody thinline electric guitar. Most akin to a Hofner 4578, this particular example sports soft cutaways as opposed to the sharp dual Florentine style of the 4578 model. After much research, it was determined that this is a very limited production model, perhaps even a prototype. It features a Bigsby-style vibrato tailpiece, on-board effects, including both “Fuzz Boost” and “Treble Boost, as well as, advanced tonal options and presets. While not in the best cosmetic condition, this instrument could easily be restored to present quite nicely. Aside from a missing washer, which would hold the original push button in place, this instrument is in all original condition. The guitar produces a large ground hum when plugged in, so it does not currently work. Surely, some superficial electrical knowledge could manage a repair, but I have yet to do any digging.