1970s Electra 2275N Avenger

This is a vintage 1970s Electra 2275N Avengers series electric guitar in virtually NOS, like new, all original condition. This particular Lawsuit Era example, featuring a 1970s Fender Strat headstock profile, is in immaculately excellent 100% all original condition and includes; the original soft case, the original whammy bar, the original instrument cable, original extra tremolo springs, and an extra adjustment tool! Many Japanese companies disregarded International trademark, and fashioned their designs a little too closely to their American counterparts. Resulting in the now infamous Lawsuit Era MIJ guitars, this short-lived period offered uncomfortably close copies of their more expensive inspirations. Definitely an interesting choice, since generally Lawsuit models were crafted to appear like earlier vintage 1950s-1960s instruments, Electra’s 2275N is a concurrently produced version of Fender’s ’73-’74 Fender Stratocaster.

This ’70s Avenger features: a Strat-style contoured Ash body, the original natural finish, a Maple cap neck with black dot inlays, Bullet style truss rod system, (3) single coil Strat style pickups, adjustable Strat style tremolo system, “F” style tuning machines, the original soft case, and original accessories.

In exceptional cosmetic condition, this guitar does not appear to have been played nor used, and was most likely stored within its soft case for the entirety of its existence. It works great, sounds good, and would be a really great collector’s quality vintage instrument for Lawsuit-era enthusiasts.