1970 Sunn 1200S

Here is a vintage 1970 Sunn 1200S electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example is in excellent all original condition! With the combination of (4) 6550 power tubes coupled to an ultralinear output transformer, this combination provided Sunn amplification with the most accurate low end sound reproduction that even Ampeg wasn’t able to duplicate. Not only is this amazing amp worth every penny, the original quad USA-made Tung-Sol 6550 power tubes are worth over $800 on their own!

Transformer Codes: 352043, 352043, -606-0-38, 682045, 682045
Tube Date Codes: 3227051-3 (Tung Sols,December ’70)

This ’70 Sunn 1200S features: (4) 6550 original Tung-Sol power tubes, (2) 12AX7s, and (1) 12AU7 original preamp tubes, putting out 120w of pure power. The previous owner had replaced the dual rectifier tubes with (1) Diodes Inc solid state rectifier and a 5th 80s RCA 6550 power tube.

The original tolex is in excellent condition with only minor storage wear. The original grillecloth is in perfect structural shape and does not exhibit any snags or tears. The original control panel is crisp and clean with some expected playing wear. The original reverb knob has been changed to a spec reissue knob, and of the original feet is missing. Aside from that, this amp is in excellent cosmetic condition!

As far as tone, well, this amp is absolutely the loudest guitar amp I’ve ever heard. The transformers alone weigh 60 pounds, and this amp head is easily the most serious guitar amp ever made. Rivaling the build-quality of an SVT, this is essentially the equivalent for a guitarist. Loud, clean, clear tone at it’s finest.