1970 Rosac Nu-Fuzz

This is a vintage 1970 Rosac Nu-Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal. This classic fuzz unit is extremely well-preserved and remains in very clean 100% all original condition. Available in red, gold, and blue anodized finishes, the Nu-Fuzz featured the same pre-fabricated dipped silicon transistor circuit as that found in the third version Mosrite Fuzzrite. The Nu-Fuzz featured the Sierra Electronics SM001, while the Mosrite Fuzzrite contained the Mosrite MM001. The reason for this relationship is because Ed Sanner, the designer of the Fuzzrite, worked for Rosac shortly after Mosrite went out of business. So, respectively, the Rosac Nu-Fuzz is very much a continuation of Sanner’s Mosrite Fuzzrite. This example is quite nice, and while not necessarily mint, it is very well preserved and all original. It still retains the rare original 9v battery instructional label on the bottom of the pedal, which is notoriously peeled off or missing.