1970 Park 75

This is a vintage 1970 Park 75 electric guitar amplifier head made by Marshall Amplification. This particular UK-made 50w example, serial number A 1018, is in very excellent, near mint, 100% all original condition! Identical to an early 1969 Marshall JMP 50w Plexi in every respect, the Park 75 is an incredible sounding guitar amplifier. Entirely original and in pristine condition, this is most certainly the premium example for both collectors and the players alike.

Serial Number: A1018
Paper Label Test Date: 14-4-70
Transformer Codes: 1202 118, 8 82

With utterly amazing classic Plexi tone and a beautifully understated aesthetic, the Park 75 is the ultimate package. Outfitted with EL34s and often biased for KT88s, this small box cabinet produces an incredibly large sound. It includes an original style Bulgin 3-pin power cable. It does not need servicing, works perfectly and sounds amazing.