1970 Dan Armstrong Ampeg Lucite Bass Guitar

This is a vintage 1970 Dan Armstrong “See-Through” lucite bass guitar. These incredibly iconic transparent-bodied guitars and basses were only produced between 1969-1971, and are quite desirable for both their performance and advanced aesthetic. This particular example, serial number D1106A, is in very excellent, all original, condition.

This bass is a very nice example with absolutely no issues. There are no structural problems, i.e. no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs. It has not been modified whatsoever, and is in perfect working condition.

Somewhat famous for the enhanced sustain thanks to the dense lucite body, this bass sounds exceptionally great. It plays smoothly, as it has a perfectly straight neck which is intonated with precision. It has the lowest possible action, and the slick medium-sized neck profile enables even those use to slim guitar necks to play it as if it were second nature. The pickup sounds awesome. Notoriously slightly heavier than your average bass, this one weighs 9 pounds and 15 ounces.

The clear “see-through” body is in excellent condition with one large scratch (pictured) and various groups of small superficial ones. All of the hardware is in excellent condition. This bass also features original Grover tuning machines, which are much more attractive than larger Schallers. While the pickguard is not cracked, like most, it does exhibit stress fractures which are not completely through the guard. Otherwise, there are no other condition defects.

Although this bass does not come with an original hard case, it will be shipped accordingly in a gig bag.