1969 Vox Tone Bender MK III

This is an incredibly rare 1969 VOX Tone Bender Mark III with Treble’n’Bass Boost fuzz pedal. This lesser known version of the VOX Mark III Tone Bender, features only 2 knobs (like it’s MKII predecessor) and (3) 2N2926 silicon transistors. With an unbelievably incredible sound, this unique fuzz is unlike any other produced by Sola Sound.

As previously mentioned, it might not be possible to find a better sounding fuzz pedal. Quite obviously most similar to the more standard VOX Mark III, this version is slightly more refined. With simple overtones, balanced harmonics, and surprising dynamics considering the simple knob functions, this straight forward fuzz is maybe the most musical of all of the amazing vintage fuzz pedals we have owned. Not fizzy, harsh, grainy, or overly focused, this pedal exhibits a natural envelope for it’s smooth, rich, pronounced fuzz.

This particular example is in 100% all original condition. Aside from the necessary battery terminal update (from the PP4 to a modern 9v), no modifications or repairs have been performed.

The pedal works perfectly. The input/output jacks, knobs, and on/off switch all work well, and the circuitry is nicely intact, clean and void of obvious fatigue, oxidation, or heat damage.