1969 Martin D12-35

This is a vintage 1969 Martin D12-35 acoustic flat top 12-string guitar in 100% all original condition with an era appropriate hard case. This particular Brazilian rosewood example, serial number 243911, is in very excellent all original condition and is perfectly intact with NO breaks, NO cracks and NO repairs whatsoever; it is an absolutely NO issues, original owner, instrument. Sure, Martin acoustics are the absolute cream of the 12-string crop, but even better are those made prior to 1970, as they feature gorgeous Brazilian rosewood back and sides like this one! New Taylor guitars with Brazilian rosewood can cost over $8,000.00, so wisely invest your money in a much more reasonable vintage Martin guitar! Others currently available are as much as $5,000.00, so take advantage of this very reasonably priced Martin D12-35, and make this incredible vintage Martin 12-string guitar your new favorite acoustic!

This attractive D12-35 features; a double bound body construction, a two-piece close-grain spruce top, original natural finish, bound Brazilian rosewood back and sides joined with marquetry, mahogany neck and bound ebony fingerboard with dot position markers, a Brazilian slotted-headstock overlay, an ebony bridge, a black plastic pichguard and an era appropriate hard case.

Cosmetically, this guitar is pretty well preserved. It does not exhibits arm wear playing and no case wear. The guitar is intact and crisp with not much wear on the back, sides, or neck. Most experts would describe the guitar as being in “near mint” condition. The guitar is perfectly solid. The bridge is firmly affixed with no lifting or bellying. There is the beginning of an inevitable pickguard drying crack, which does not go through the top. The only other issue is the inevitable pickguard lifting: and while it is very minimal, there is one edge that is starting to curl upward. It is clear that this guitar was kept in a very dry environment, and while that is great with regard to the natural development and aging of the wood, it has resulted in some of the fret ends lifting from the fingerboard. A luthier can easily resolve this, but I will let the new owner decide how to proceed if at all.

The guitar’s current solid construction definitely contributes to the sonic superiority. No new guitar, reissue, or luthier-built interpretation can ever reproduce what Martin perfected. With smooth sparkling highs and rich lows, it’s loud, clear, and balanced. The mids are not too muddy, and are pleasantly focused. Gibson 12-string guitars can be sloppy, and the same principle that makes Gibson 6-strings so great, is that which renders some 12-strings muddied and unfocused. Martin 12s certainly sound great in front of both a microphone and a small audience. This guitar provides a full and lush orchestral accompaniment to simple vocals and relationships between the extra strings creates fantastic overtones further embellishing the natural dynamic. A great 12-string is a must have for all song-writers and is surprisingly under-used.

Included with this beautiful guitar is an era-appropriate hard shell case also in very excellent cosmetic and structural condition.