1969 Marshall Supa Fuzz

This is a vintage 1969 Marshall Supa Fuzz (model no. 1975) electric guitar effects pedal. This raised-logo Marshall Supa Fuzz is in extremely clean 100% all originalcondition. This particular version features: the printed “KF” circuit board, a pronounced “Marshall” logo, and (3) Mullard OC75 germanium transistors. This rare pedal also features simple controls for Volume and Filter, is housed in a cast aluminum housing with a classic hammerite finish, and was manufactured using classic point-to-point wiring. Tones from this pedal range from a subtle and natural over-driven sound, to a monstrous, rich wall of full-range fuzz.

Most vintage fuzz connoisseurs consider the Marshall Supa Fuzz to be the most musical and expressive fuzz pedals ever made. Similar to a Sola Sound MKII, the Marshall is a one-trick pony (in the best sense of the expression) with a best-in-show trick, as it absolutely masters and dominates a full-range and evenly balanced fuzz spectrum. Displaying some splattery and feedback-provoking fuzz, the Marshall Supa is less sharp, and more round than a MK II. With natural lyrical qualities, the Marshall Supa is as good as it gets for leads. You can reference Pete Townshend’s early fuzz tone, as well as, Ron Asheton’s (The Stooges) to hear the Supa Fuzz in a more recognizable context.

This particular example is in extremely fine cosmetic condition, and exhibits no visible wear. This is on of the rare survivors, which has yet to be converted from a PP4 terminal to the modern day 9v. The pedal will include (2) PP4 batteries in new condition. It also still retains the original (4) matching grey rubber feet!

This is the cleanest of the 10+ I have owned, so if condition matters, then this is the one to own!