1969 Marshall Supa Fuzz

Here is a vintage 1969 Marshall Supa Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal. The Supa Fuzz (model 1975) is perhaps one of the most iconic fuzz pedals ever produced. Recently reissued by JMI, this raised script logo variety is the most common of the original Supas. This version features: (3) Mullard OC75 transistors, an early printed circuit board, and a small arrangement of Ducati & mustard capacitors. Used by guitar gods Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Steve Hacket (Genesis), and Ron Asheton (The Stooges) to name a few, this pedal’s tone remains unrivaled and it is considered the holy grail of aggressive and musical fuzztones.

This particular example is in very excellent vintage original condition. Internally, the pedal is 100% original: the pots, the switch, the jacks, the board, the transistors, the caps, etc. The Marshall amp knobs and back plate are original as well. The battery clip has been updated from the original PP4 battery terminals, and the original grey rubber feet have been replaced by black vintage spec rubber feet.

This pedal works perfectly and sounds incredible. Without a doubt the perfect compliment to the other famous 60′s British fuzz, the MK II ToneBender, the Marshall Supa Fuzz produces a full-range wall of intricate fuzz. Not focused, nor splaterry like the great MK II, the Marshall Supa sounds like an explosion of efficient fuzz with rich lows, musical mids, and singing sustain in the highs.