1969 Marshall JMP Super Lead 100W Plexi

This is a vintage 1969 Marshall JMP Super Lead (1959) 100W “Plexi” electric guitar head. This particular example, serial number 10182, may not be in 100% all original condition, but is definitely an amazing sounding vintage example. This authentic large cabinet Marshall Super Lead head features the desirable Plexiglass front and back control panels, green levant tolex, and a plethora of incredible NOS vintage tubes.

With a pencil-written test date of “20/6/69” or June 20, 1969, this amp was completed during what most enthusiasts believe to be Marshall’s golden era. Used by the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Townshend, and pretty much anyone since, the Marshall Plexi produces the defining tone that inspired some of the best music and musicians in history, and this amp is by no means an exception. Sure, this Super Lead is super loud, but in a non-offensive completely amazing nature. It is highly musical, produces incredibly powerful overdrive, and instantly generates that tone you’ve been trying to emulate with other amps.

This amp was serviced by our amp tech “The Butcher” who is a Marshall maniac and complete tone fanatic. The power transformer was replaced with an exact spec Mercury Magnetics, and the electrolytic capacitors were as well. In addition to a couple caps on the board, one tube socket was replaced. It is hard-wired within for 8Ω, but it can easily be reversed if desired. The Output transformer and Choke are original, as are the majority of the mustard caps on the hand-wired board. The amp was fitted with a quartet of matched Mullard EL34 XF2 power tubes and smooth plate Mullad ECC83 preamp tubes.

All of the knobs are original, though 3 are missing the gold caps. The chassis/cabinet screws have been replaced, otherwise, all of the hardware is original.