1969 Marshall 50w Lead 1987

This is a vintage 1969 Marshall 50w Lead Model 1987 “Plexi” electric guitar amplifier head. This particular small box example, serial number S/A 10347, is in very excellent original condition! With it’s classic hand-wired point-to-point design, this 50w Marshall, dated “19/4/69” (April 19th, 1969) on the inspection tag, is amongst the last of the true plexi Marshall heads, and it incredibly embraces the epitome of brilliant British tone.

Aside from the amp having been serviced, including; several replaced tag board components, (3) replaced preamp tubes, and a replaced logo, the amp is otherwise incredibly intact and original. With no added holes in the panel, no modifiications made to the chassis, and no alterations made to the cabinet, it certainly looks the part. It retains the original black levant tolex, all (6) original knobs, all original hardware, original transformers, a majority of the original mustard caps, etc.