1969 Laney Supergroup MK I

This is a vintage 1969 “Laney Sounds Systems LTD. Supergroup Mk1 50w Session Amplifier” guitar head. This rare first variety white “plexi” Laney 50w, serial number 9054, features; (3) Partridge transformers, vintage Mullard tubes [(2) EL34s, (3) ECC83s), “Treble” and “Bass” inputs, and controls for “Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain One, and Gain Two.” First variety vintage Laney heads are fairly hard to come by, and this particular example is in very nice all original condition, both inside and out. The circuit board still retains all of the original “mustard” capacitors, resistors, pots, transformers, etc. The only modification was that the original power adapter was replaced with a grounded 3-prong. Otherwise, the amp is 100% original.

The amp works perfectly and sounds incredible. While the majority of Laney heads tend to be 100w, this is an amp you can actually use without making your ears bleed. Extremely similar to a late-60’s Hiwatt, this amp produces rich and genuine British crunch. While a little different than a concurrent plexi Marshall, this amp sounds every bit as good.