1969 Kustom Model L 1595 Organ

Here’s a vintage 1969 Kustom Model L 1595 Kombo organ. This incredibly rare, top-of-the-line Kustom product, is just like the one pictured in the advertisement below, in that it features the upgraded (2) JBL D130F speakers and an awesome silver sparkle tuck-and-roll exterior! Denoted as a 1595 due to the original $1,595.00 price tag, this organ wasn’t necessarily exorbitantly listed, considering it’s one of the coolest and best-sounding vintage organs ever made. It uses the ever-desirable, and unbelievably loud, K-200 amplifier as it’s built-in power source, which is quite valuable on it’s own, has fantastic Hammond reverb on board, and is significantly more versatile than all other combo organs. This example was recently purchased from a studio owner, where I believe it had been for several decades. It was recently cleaned and serviced, and currently works perfectly. Several screws were misplaced over the years, but aside from the aforementioned replaced hardware, the keyboard is in very nice all original condition.

This killer combo organ works perfectly and sounds incredible. Turning the volume all the way up will test your sanity, as well as, your ears’ threshold for not exploding. I can honestly say that it is the single loudest self-contained instrument I’ve ever heard. However, this is not some Guinness Book of World Records selling point, because it perfectly translates to super clear, articulated head room, at more practical levels. Within any manageable volume range, this organ will never distort, and it will deliver a balance of breath and tonality. This is in part due to the matched pair of JBL 15″ speakers combined with a matched pair of horns, which is complemented by the clean, yet warm, analog presets.

The original silver sparkle tuck-and-roll Naugahyde has faded from UV exposure in several areas. The black grillcloth is in near perfect structural shape, and is void of stains and other discoloration. Some of the hardware has evidence of surface rust. There are minor scuffs, scrapes from usual wear and tear, but it presents very nicely and is in no way a distraction. The original gray 2-prong power cable should probably be upgraded, as it is fraying and fatigued.