1969 Fender Vibrolux Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1969 Fender Vibrolux Reverb – Amp “AA864” guitar amplifier. This particular drip-edge/rail example, serial number A13278, is in exceptional 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition. That’s right, every transformer, capacitor, resistor, both speakers and each individual tube is original. This amp sounds just as amazing as it looks, so don’t spend extra on a collectible “Black Face” black control panel, pre-CBS version, when you can buy the same amp for significantly less.

Serial Number: A13278
Transformer Codes: 606909, –606830, -606-8-49, -606-8-51
Speaker Date Code: 465-909 (Oxford)

This particular example is the rare drip-edge/drip-rail Vibrolux Reverb, which was only offered from 1968-69. During these transitional years into the silverface aesthetic era, these amps were still built with blackface era components and schematic design, making this example just as great sounding as any blackface Vibrolux Reverb.

The black vinyl tolex exterior is in extremely excellent condition with only minimal superficial wear. The blue and silver stripe grill cloth is not slightly faded, and still looks crisp and attractive. There are no snags, rips, or tears in the grill and the appearance and structural integrity is very fine. The control panel is also crisp and clean with a few small blemishes. All of the hardware is in very excellent condition, the chassis is quite clean, with no evidence of damage, let alone signs of oxidation. The only significant condition issue is a series of small holes added to the bottom, which resulted from the installation of casters. They have since been removed, revealing an imprint of the hardware and 4 holes per corner. This is a common issue, and is completely concealed from all angles when upright.

The Vibrolux Reverb Amp utilizes; (1) GZ34 (2) 6L6 (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7 and (1) 12AX7 original tubes (RCA, Telefunken) through the original 2 x 10″ Oxford speakers to produce a warm, dynamic sound in a convenient package. One interesting detail, is the unique “FOR EXPORT ONLY” tube chart. It’s obviously a mistake it does not have a variable 110v/220v transformer or a chassis that can fit the required transformer switch. It was probably done on accident, and instead of being replaced was simply blacked out with a marker. I have seen this exact style tube chart several times now.

The amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. The duet of Oxford 10” speakers feature original cones and do not exhibit speaker fatigue nor voicecoil distortion. Both the reverb and vibrato work and sound exceptional.

Sale Price: Sold