1969 Fender Pro Reverb

This is a vintage 1969 Fender Pro Reverb -Amp AA165 tube guitar amplifier. This particular Silver Face (panel) drip-edge/drip-rail example, serial number A 12481, is in remarkably well-preserved all original condition, and includes; the original dual-function VIB/REV footswitch, original vinyl protective cover, and the original orange Tolex hangtag! A fantastic sounding amp and an incredibly underrated model, this era Fender Pro Reverb is a remarkably versatile and practical amp, perfect for studio use, live performances or in-home enjoyment.

This particular example is the rare drip-edge/drip-rail Pro Reverb which was only offered from 1968-69. During these transitional years into the silverface aesthetic era, these amps were still built with blackface era components and schematic design, making this example just as great sounding as any early ’60s blackface Pro Reverb.

Serial Number: A 12481
Transformer Codes: 606918, -606-9-22, -606-9-10, -606-9-20
Speaker Date Code: 465-842 (Oxford)

This ’65 Fender Pro Reverb AA165 combo features; (2) 6L6 power tubes, (3) 7025 preamp tubes, (2) 12AT7 reverb/vibrato tubes, (1) 12AX7 preamp tube, and (1) GZ34 rectifier tube through (2) 12″ Oxford 12T6-10 speakers with original cones.

The cosmetic condition of this Pro Reverb is extremely fine, with no notable flaws nor distractions. The original single blue-stripe grillecloth is perfectly preserved with no fraying, no stains, no discoloration, etc. The orignal black vinyl tolex is in comparably excellent shape with no rips, no tears, no scuffs, etc. The amp looks incredible, and is an exemplary example of an amp that has remained under the original cover for the last 45 years! At one point small casters were installed on the bottom, but they have since been removed. The original feet are present, however, near each foot there are (4) small screw holes into the tolex.

The Fender Pro Reverb may appear identical in size to a Twin Reverb, and to some may seem like an inferior 1/2 powered version of a Twin, but in actuality it’s a totally different beast. Firstly, the Fender Pro Reverb is 1″ shorter than a Twin Reverb, nominal sure but worth noting, though it does share the same width and depth dimensions. And while the amp harnesses it’s power from (2) 6L6 tubes, unlike the Twin’s utilization of (4) 6L6 power tubes, the nature of the sound is surprisingly unique.

The Pro Reverb is sweeter sounding than a Twin Reverb, however, that is still highly relative considering a Pro Reverb achieves a much more pronounced head room than a Deluxe Reverb, or even Vibrolux Reverb, so it’s not to say that a Pro isn’t an amp capable of achieving a classic Fender clean tone. Yet, the Pro does have something the Twin Reverb doesn’t, and that would be the ability to be played loudly with a more musical overdrive, much more pleasant than the sometimes shrill Twin Reverb. Definitely more practical for most applications, the Pro Reverb should really be the standard by which the other blackface amps are used for comparison, in that, they’re all quite different, but the Pro features a very intuitively engineered arrangement, and shares a similar design to most other 40w-50s amps.