1969 Fender Precision Bass

Here is a vintage 1969 Fender Precision Bass electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number 148168, is in good original condition and includes a non-original hard shell case. This perfect player’s example is in excellent and intact condition, though it features a couple of minor issues which render it accessible for serious users.

Serial Number: 248168 (F Plate)
Pickup Date Stamps: 161274
Potentiometer Codes: 137-7352
Pickup Resistance/Output: 10.32Ω
Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Firstly, this is a really incredible player’s P Bass. It has tons of vibe with a really attractive patina, in addition to, being a highly functional bass. The neck is perfectly straight, the action is incredibly low, and the neck feels great. This bass is quite light, and only weighs 8 1/2 pounds. It sounds great and is a phenomenal performer.

There is typical belt buckle rash on the back of the bass associated with instruments that have been played a bit. Similarly, there are many dings on the edge of the body combined with superficial scratches in various areas. There are no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs. The pots were replaced in ’73. The bridge cover is included, as is the finger rest, however, the metal pickup cover is not included. Though the neck is perfectly straight, it appears the truss rod is fully torqued and the Phillips adjustment screw appears to have been stripped, though it catches and the truss rod itself is not. Related to the truss rod access, it seems there is a small chip in the bottom of the fingerboard which was touched up. Otherwise, the bass is original. Should the new owner decide to pursue a minimal restoration, I’m assuming a new truss rod could be installed if the appearance was bothersome, because as it is, the neck is straight with no bowing nor curvature.