1969 Fender Jaguar

Here is a vintage 1969 Fender Jaguar electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 228286, is in very excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original hard shell case, as well as, the original tremolo arm. Fender Jaguars (and Jazzmasters) from this period aren’t particularly rare, however, there were far fewer Jaguars produced during the late-’60s than during the early-mid ’60s. Perhaps it was the combination of the Jaguar being (a) Fender’s most expensive electric guitar, along with (b) being associated with music genres that were waning in popularity, which compounded to create lesser production. All speculation aside, what remains clear is that finding such a specimen in comparable near mint condition is quite difficult, so take advantage of this offer, as both players and collectors alike will certainly appreciate the impressive integrity of this ’69 Jaguar.

Serial Number: 228286 (F plate)
Neck Date Stamp: 15 FEB 69 B
Potentiometer Codes: 304-6617
Neck Pickup Resistance: 6.29Ω
Bridge Pickup Resistance: 6.41Ω
Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz.

This guitar is in quite remarkable all original condition. The only visible sign of wear is case rubbing wear on the side near the input jack, as well as, a single 1″ scratch on the back of the body. Otherwise, the entire instrument is crisp, unfaded, and exhibiting incredible brilliance. The polyurethane 3-tone sunburst finish is well defined and completely unfaded. The clear polyurethane finish on the neck is also pristine, and hasn’t yellowed like many clear coats. In fact, astoundingly, there is no weather-checking anywhere on the instrument. The original thick tortoise guard is in pristine structural shape with no cracks nor warping. All of the original hardware is in very excellent condition with no oxidation.

The large pearloid block inlay aesthetic is quite attractive, and definitely fitting for the deluxe Jaguar model. This particular example features a beautifully pronounced yellow to red to black 3-tone sunburst finish. This is partially due to this Jaguar featuring a rare finish application, indicative of those found on several batches produced between ’68-’69, including a white primer/undercoat, followed by a simulated wood grain light paint brush technique, and finished with the normal 3-tone Sunburst procedure.

This guitar plays great, feels fantastic, and sounds surprisingly good. Both pickups are very evenly balanced, and the medium-sized neck profile features a comfortable contour. The original frets exhibits only the slightest bit of wear on the first several. The neck is perfectly straight, and the action is low up and down the entirety of the neck. It was recently set up with Pyramid .010-.046 strings, and it feels incredible.

If the guitar didn’t have the scratch through the finish on the back of the body, in addition to, the case rubbing wear on the side of the bottom bout, it would be absolutely immaculate.