1969 Fender Custom/Maverick

This is a vintage 1969 Fender Custom/Maverick vintage electric guitar. This interesting CBS creation was essentially compiled from left-over Fender Electric XII parts, but re-appropriated for this 6-string interpretation. Produced in extremely limited quantities during ’69 only, it is estimated that several hundred were made. This particular example, serial number 229271, is the later version with the “Custom” decal, as opposed to the first production run with the “Maverick” name applied below the Fender decal instead. Used by Rick Nielsen, Hot Chip, and Rowland S. Howard, the unique Fender Maverick has a certain enigmatic attraction, and is quite inexplicably interesting. With a radical body shape resembling contours like that of the Fender Swinger, the “hockey stick” headstock profile of the Fender XII, the bold design is simply wild.

Since the Fender Custom/Maverick was assembled using existing Fender XII parts, all of the date codes reflect a 1966 production. This original ’69 Fender Custom/Maverick features: (6) original 3-on-a-side individual pre-Schaller “F” tuning machines, a Maple neck with (2) Maple headstock veneers for the front and back (which pragmatically covered the factory installation of 6 holes per side originally intended for a 12-string configuration, a bound Rosewood fingerboard with pearled block inlays, an Alder body with a Sunburst top and Black back, a Mustang style bridge and “Dynamic Vibrato” tremolo assembly, Fender XII split pickups with Fender XII pickup wiring schematic and 4-way pickup selection, allowing for: neck only, neck & bridge in series, neck & bridge in parallel and bridge only options, the majority of the hardware (tortoise pickguard, knobs, control plate, string tree) were all re-purposed from the Fender XII.

Aside from a fairly amateur re-fret, this guitar is 100% all original. As is commonly the case with this model, the edges exhibit significant wear and finish peeling, even though it does not correspond with heavy playing activity. It appears that there was some sort of defect with paint application on this model, because many display this similar wear pattern. The guitar works perfectly and sounds great. The neck is straight and truss rod turns smoothly. Very unique and certainly captivating, this is a must have for fans of offbeat Fender models, or the player who wants to make a statement.