1968 Univox Super-Fuzz

Here is a vintage 1968 Univox Super-Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example is in very nice condition and includes the original box. Designed by Shin-ei, the Univox Super-Fuzz is a unique octave fuzz utilizing two germanium diodes to produce a square wave clipping. This simple arrangement consists of both “Balance” and “Expander” controls, as well as, a “1-Tone-2” switch, which enables the ability to change between a thick fuzzy distortion and a more refined buzz. This pedal works perfectly and sounds fantastic. It is missing the small metal sticker labels, but is otherwise in good cosmetic condition.

Considered the predecessor to perhaps the more recognizable large orange and blue Super-Fuzz, this generation fuzz produced by Shin-Ei was also made for Rose Morris under the Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz label, another black variety for the May Fair brand, as well as, others under the following distributors; Apollo, Companion, Jax, Ibanez, Mica, and so forth.