1968 Park 50 PA

This is a vintage 1968 PARK 50(PA) amplifier head made by Marshall. Very similar to a Marshall JTM50 “Plexi” head, just ridiculously more rare, this coveted black Plexi PARK is definitely one for amp collectors, because chances are, even the most maniacal Marshall musterers haven’t found one of these incredible amps yet! Do the right thing, and invest in an increasingly rare vintage Marshall/Park while they’re still affordable, before they reach the astronomical prices, which they appropriately deserve and will certainly achieve.

As can be seen, this example is in very nice, well-preserved condition, and has been carefully maintained over the past 45 years. Cosmetically, it is 100% original aside from an exact spec. vintage reissue leather handle. But even the reissue handle retains the original metal support from the original leather one.

Internally, all of the important components are original. Several capacitors have inevitably been replaced, but the transformers, and the majority of the caps and resistors are intact and original.

The amp sound fantastic, and really harnesses the magic of a powerful Plexi.