1968 Martin D-35

This is a 1968 Martin D-35 flat top acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 256085, is in extremely excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original case. This incredibly attractive ’69 Martin D-35 features; stunning Brazilian rosewood sides, a 1/3 Brazilian rosewood back fan panel with 2/3 Indian rosewood pieces, a beautiful Sitka Spruce top, a one-piece Mahogany neck with an Ebony fretboard and an original natural lacquer finish with a sexy sheen. Even the black pickguard, which notoriously curls and peels is in perfect structural shape. This well-preserved example is from the interesting transition from the traditional Brazilian rosewood era to that known for Indian rosewood, and is effectively one of the last to be made with the same build approach and craftsmanship as those which came decades prior.

As previously mentioned, this guitar is in extremely excellent all original condition. The bridge is firmly affixed with no evidence of lift, and the Sitka spruce top is perfectly flat with no bellying whatsoever. The neck angle is perfect and the action is ideal. It displays only the slightest superficial wear, and after 46 years it remains in very well-preserved cosmetic condition and in perfectly structural shape.

With a particularly lush sound, this example sounds more full than the average D-28. It’s traditionally well-balanced, however, it isn’t as thin nor shrill as some. It is an exemplary sounding specimen, and would sound spectacular in front of a microphone. The neck profile is extremely comfortable and it’s a treat to play.