1968 Marshall Super Tremolo 100w

This is a vintage 1968 Marshall Super Tremolo 100w electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 10254, is in nice condition. Unfortunately, the original large black levant-covered cabinet was modified to accommodate a non-original fan, otherwise, this amp is in well-preserved mostly original condition. Surely there are several restoration options, but regardless of if the cabinet is repaired or left as-is, this represents an incredible opportunity to own a vintage all original plexi chassis with an original (issued) cabinet.

Additionally, aside from several replaced capacitors and an added 100w/50w output selector professionally mounted and installed on the back panel of the chassis, this amp is intact and original. All of the transformers are original, as are most of the capacitors and resistors. The cabinet is original, along with the knobs and logo.

The amp works perfectly, and it sounds quite incredible. Super loud, yet lush with rich and brilliant overtones, it produces that famous irreplaceable Plexi tone.