1968 Maestro FZ-1B Fuzz-Tone

This is a vintage 1968 Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1B electric guitar effects pedal. The successor to the historically significant Maestro FZ-1 and FZ-1A, the FZ-1B is the (4) silicon transistor sibling to its earlier germanium counterparts. Simple and straight-forward, the FZ-1B is most certainly an incredible bargain considering concurrent UK-made fuzz units can exceed $3,000.00.

This fine example is about as clean as they come, and is completely intact, including the original “witch hat” control knobs, and all (4) rubber feet.

For pedal collectors, fuzz enthusiasts, and players looking for a really great vintage pedal with a comparable purchase price to many boutique units, this is a great specimen, both with regard to cosmetic condition and sound quality.