1968 Leslie Model 145

Here is a vintage 1968 Leslie Model 145 rotating speaker cabinet with the original combo preamp footswitch, speaker cables, and a non-original protective shipping cover. This Red badge Leslie model 145, serial number 67725, is identical to the 147, except it is housed in a more convenient 33″ tall cabinet. The technical specifications for both the 145 and 147 are exactly the same, but instead of the traditional taller 41″ cabinet, the 147 was offered in it’s place for ease of transport. Originally intended for use with the Hammond B3 organ, it was later re-appropriated into an extension cabinet for other musical instruments. It is a must have item for nearly all serious studios, and produces such a beautiful effect, that it’s quite easy to understand why. There will always be fancy high-end digital effects, plug-ins, attempting to simulate the authentic Leslie sound, but nothing will ever come close to the organic ethereal effect it creates.

In essence, this is the absolute best Leslie setup available, and it happens to be in beautiful studio-ready condition.