1968 Lafayette Amp

Here’s a vintage 1968 Lafayette electric guitar combo amplifier. This particular example, serial number 43856, is in excellent all original condition. The original tolex is in very excellent shape, exhibiting zero signs of wear. The original grill cloth is in correspondingly excellent shape, and is structurally intact. The control panel is crisp and clean, void of typical wear. The original 1 x 12″ Jensen C12S speaker, date code 220832, sounds incredible and does not exhibit fatigue or voice coil distortion. The tube configuration consists of: (2) 6BM8, (1) 6X4, and (1) 12AX7. Many people suggest that a 6BM8 is most like an EL84, and while similar in size and output, the tube is quite different sounding. With robust overdrive and distortion, a microphone hears this amp just as your ears hear a Marshall. A really fantastic small studio amp, I actually prefer the sound and tonal landscape of this Shin-Ei made amp to many Supros, and other Valco amps, of the same size and stature. The amp is in perfect working condition and sounds amazing. Not to mention, the Vibrato is absolutely beautiful, and offers a slow classic chop to a fast raygun-paced percussion.