1968 Gibson SG Standard

This is a vintage 1968 Gibson SG Standard electric guitar. This incredible player’s example is not all original, however, it is one of the best playing and sounding SGs I have owned. It has all original electronics, including pots indicating a mid-’66 production date and “Patent No” sticker pickups. It also has original plastic parts (pickguard, knobs, switch tip), though the truss rod cover is not original. The original trapezoid inlay fingerboard still sports original frets. The neck has been re-painted and the tuners have been changed to original style spec reissues. There are no cracks nor breaks. It is very light and highly resonant. This SG has been modified to accommodate a non-original chrome stop tailpiece, but the Gibson bridge is original. The pickguard screws are slightly larger than the originals, which means the holes in the body are enlarged slightly, but the pickguard holes are not.