1968 Fender Twin Reverb -Amp

Here’s a vintage 1968 Fender Twin Reverb- Amp AB763 electric guitar amplifier. This particular drip rail example, serial number A11615, is in very excellent original condition and includes the original silver dual-function VIB/REV footswitch and the original schematic sheet. Famous for ushering in the SilverFace aesthetic with the identical schematic of the highly coveted AB763, this rare variety is one of best bang-for-your-buck vintage amplifiers available, as is the case with most drip rail/drip edge models. Appropriately considered the irrefutable king of clean, the Twin Reverb has always been synonymous with an overabundance of clean headroom with highly musical qualities. The same attributes that make the Twin Reverb notably perfect for surf-inspired pristine guitar tone, are the same that render it appropriate for use with pedal steel, effects pedals, and any other application whereby the most authentic signal path is desired. Impressively not too harsh, nor hi-fi in character, the Twin Reverb is loud, dynamic, clean, robust, and perhaps offers the best examples of both the Reverb and Vibrato effects.

Serial Number: A11615
Speaker Codes: 465-813 (Oxford 12T6-10)
Transformer Codes: 8316726, 606730, -606-7-45, 606801
Assembly Signature: SH (Sam Hutton)

This particular variety is the rare drip-edge/drip-rail Twin Reverb with black vertical separation lines on the SilverFace control panel and black/blue stripe grill cloth, the combination of which is specific to 1968 only. During this transitional period, from BlackFace into the SilverFace control panel cosmetic, these amps were still built with BlackFace era components and schematic designs, making this example just as great sounding as any early ’60s blackface Twin Reverb.

This ’68 Fender Twin Reverb features: (4) 6L6, (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, and (1) 12AX7 tubes through the original matching 2 x 12″ blue label Oxford Special Design 12T6 speakers.

The amp was professionally serviced, whereby all of the tubes were replaced with new JJs. In addition to the fresh JJ tubes, many caps were replaced, and the amp is now in tip-top functional condition. Both speakers work perfectly, and sound great. Not only does this amp look fantastic, but it is a remarkably great Twin Reverb, every bit as good as its BlackFace predecessor.

This super clean example has one small snag on the grill cloth near the Fender logo, but is otherwise extremely clean.