1968 Fender Super Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1968 Fender Super Reverb guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A32272, is in near mint condition and is 100% original all the way down to the tubes! That’s right, every transformer, capacitor, resistor, speaker, and tube is original. Included is the original Fender silver footswitch.

Serial Number: A32272
Transformer Codes: 606812, 606816, -606-7-40
Speaker Date Code: 465-831

This particular example is the rare drip rail Super Reverb which was only offered from 1968-69. It features the first variety Silverface panel with the vertical black lines, and the first variety grill cloth with features the horizontal black lines. During these transitional years into the silverface era, these amps were still built with blackface era components, note the ’67 transformer, making this example just as desirable as any early ’60s blackface Super Reverb.

The black vinyl tolex exterior is in extremely excellent condition. The blue, silver, and black stripe grill cloth is not faded, and still looks crisp and attractive. There are no snags, rips, or tears in the grill and the appearance and structural integrity is very fine. The control panel is also crisp and clean with some few small blemishes. All of the hardware is in very excellent condition, the chassis is quite clean, with no evidence of damage, let alone signs of oxidation, or indications of leaky/exploded capacitors. Other than ONE (1) replaced cap, this example is in 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition. Speakers, transformers, electrolytics, and even the tubes.

The Fender Super Reverb was Fender’s largest combo amp offered in the Blackface and Silverface line. The Super Reverb Amp utilizes; (1) GZ34 (2) 6L6 (1) 12AX7, (2) 12AT7 and (3) 7025 tubes through 4 x 12″ speakers to produce a warm controllable sound. Since this particular example has been very well-preserved, it sounds as good as it looks.

This particular Super Reverb sounds better than any reissue and in this case sounds exactly like the blackface Super Reverbs.

The amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. All four Oxford 12″ speakers feature an original cone and do not exhibit speaker fatigue or voicecoil distortion. Both the reverb and vibrato work and sound exceptional. As mentioned, the amp comes with the original footswitch.