1968 Fender Rhodes Seventy Three

This is a vintage 1968 Fender Rhodes Seventy Three Silver Sparkle Suitcase electric piano. Easily the finest 100% all original example ever seen, this is an incredibly rare opportunity to own perhaps the most iconic Fender Rhodes electric piano ever made, in the best condition possible. The pot codes in the pre-amp section are from ’66, the 12″ Utah speakers date to early ’67, and the 10″ CTS speakers date to early ’68. The silver grille cloth with the black and teal cross-stitching is indicative of Fender amps produced in ’67/’68. The power amp, serial number 1119 is in excellent, 100% original, condition. The keyboard, serial number 1332, is incredibly clean, and features a near perfect silver sparkle fiberglass top. The original power cable is included.