1968 Fender Esquire

This is a vintage 1968 Fender Esquire electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 223037, is in excellent 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition, although the original Sonic Blue finish has been covered by an after-market Daphne Blue color and consequent gray primer under-coat. If there was a way to safely remove the more recent non-original blue finish, well, the guitar would be worth over $10,000.00! Either way, it is an excellent specimen and truly fantastic guitar.

Serial Number: 223037
Neck Stamp: 3 AUG 68
Pot Codes: 304-6631
Pickup Pencil Stamp: 9-13-68

This great guitar is ALL ORIGINAL, with the exception of the newer paint over the original Sonic Blue finish, this includes; the neck and corresponding nitrocellulose finish, body, “Transition”-logo decal, “F” tuning machines, frets, pickup, pots, 3-way switch, knobs, pickguard, bridge, hardware and case.

As briefly mentioned, this particular example appears to have been originally Sonic Blue but has since been adequately painted an almost Daphne Blue color. The original finish was determined by inspecting the layers of paint in the neck pocket. Due to the strong, bold and preserved contours and the tight fit of the neck in the cavity along with the control plate in it’s cavity, it does not appear the guitar was ever sanded. Everything else on the guitar is original.

The current finish exhibits only slight wear, with some peeling found under the neck plate which displays several colors. The neck is also in very excellent condition with some evidence of playing wear on the back and only slight wear on the original frets. The original plastic parts (pickguard, pickup covers, knobs, switch tip, back plate) are all in very excellent condition. The pickguard is both crack-free and warp-free. The original hardware is very clean and void of typical oxidation. The neck is perfectly straight, and the very comfortable soft open-C shape neck profile is an ease to play.

The pickup sounds great, and this era Fender Teles are consistently very good. This is a genuinely great guitar, and the neck feels pretty amazing. It’s actually really really good. The action is as low as it gets, and it is super comfortable to play. The guitar is really quite attractive and has tons of mojo. Even those who are not a fan of a seemingly baby blue color would make an exception for this beautiful guitar.

The guitar weighs a comfortable 8 pounds, and feels quite light. The original case is in excellent condition, although the original tail-less Fender logo is missing a piece. Two of the latches do not work properly, and the handle still retains all of the original vinyl covering.