1968 Fender Blue Floral Telecaster Body

Here is a vintage 1968 Fender Blue Floral Telecaster Body. This particular example, as can be seen in the numerous photos, is in poor original condition. The original owner, blues singer/player Phillip Walker, had removed the original floral paper-backed finish, from the top only, upon it exhibiting notoriously problematic peeling and cracking. The original finish remains intact on the back and sides of the body, along with the areas under the bridge, the control plate, and within the neck cavity. An interesting restoration project to say the least, this would otherwise be an extremely valuable body, belonging to an intact guitar in excess of $15,000.00.

Aside from the top paper having been peeled off, the guitar has not been sanded, which presents a great opportunity for an accurate restoration or refinish. There are no additional holes, no cracks, no breaks, no repairs, no extra routs, no no surprises other than what has already been disclosed. The guitar body weighs 5 lbs. 13 oz.