1968 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Here is a vintage 1968 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example is in nice original condition and features (2) NKT 275 germanium transistors. With the quintessential Hendrix-era aesthetic, including; the bright red finish, the white font type, and the “Dallas-Arbiter • ‚England” label, this is the version that is perhaps most famous. This incredible pedal is a must have, so don’t miss out on this fantastic bargain!

This Fuzz Face sounds absolutely amazing. With squealing sustain reaching the harmonic heavens, it is the epitome of uncensored, unadulterated fuzz. Absolutely compatible with single-coils, humbuckers, you name it, this is a really great-sounding fuzz box.

Slightly serviced, but in excellent functional condition, one capacitor and one transistor have been replaced and are not original. It also appears that the knobs have been replaced as well.